A retail setting is not just judged by its wares or services, but also by how the setting itself appears to clients. Dirty or dull floors, dusty shelves, spotted walls, dirty window interiors, cruddy carpets and the like draw a customer’s attention within seconds of entering an establishment and make an impression.

Imagine walking into a restaurant, for example, do you feel comfortable sitting down to a dirty table on a crumb covered chair? At that moment, do you expect the food is prepared in a clean kitchen held to high hygiene standard? Or, do you think you might finish your meal with a side serving of food poisoning? Perhaps that kitchen is spotless, but faced with such an impression a lot clients will turn around and go to a competitor.

Regular and thorough cleaning ensures your customers get the right impression and focus on your wares rather than dusty shelves. Customers prefer clean facilities, especially bathrooms, and will choose a clean and healthy environment every time. Ensure, you are their choice.

At Clean Office Calgary, we ensure that your retail facility is sparkling clean and presents its best side to your customers. We are reliable, thorough and use ECO friendly practices that result in a clean and healthy environment.

Clean Office Calgary is fully insured and bonded and all our staff have had security checks. So, your space will not only be clean, but secure.

One, two, three & it's clean

The Walkthrough

To fully understand your needs and the needs of your space, we will do a thorough walkthrough with you. This will help us formulate a cleaning solution that will work for you and your space.

The Quote

After the thorough walkthrough, we will provide you with a comprehensive bid that will outline every step of the clean, the cleaning schedule and the total price per clean.

The Result

Be it your home, office, or store, you will be greeted with a thoroughly cleaned and healthy space. Dirt will be gone and you’ll be able to focus on what matters.


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